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What Alternate Ads Should You Run For Those With Javascript Turned Off? The Experiment Begins

In my entry "Monetizing From Those With Javascript Turned Off" I covered that 7.5% of my users on Diggers Realm have Javascript turned off and therefore do not see Google Ads and other forms of advertising that use Javascript for display. I showed you how to use the noscript tag so that you could display things like Amazon books and other affiliate type ads to these users.

Since then I have seen some clicks at Amazon. Nothing spectacular, but more than 0, which is what I was receiving before. Have these turned into sales? No. So I got around to thinking, why are they not clicking more or purchasing things?

The obvious answer is that the majority of people who have Javascript turned off are probably techies and those who have been around the block for awhile. They probably don't even click ads that much. So is it a hopeless cause? I don't think so. As with all advertising you have to think of your end user. What are they interested in, what do they buy? While it may seem to make sense to advertising something related to your site, like I've been doing, I'm going to try an experiment.

I will be noting the Amazon current clicks and then I'll be placing some ads up that I think the more geeky and technical among us -- myself included -- would be more interested in. I'll see if the clicks go up and if any sales result and then report back.

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