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The Ad Color Experiment - Day 2 Results

Day two of the ad color experiment has ended and there's enough data to once again cut the choices in half.

After day 1 I had cut the ads down to 8 best performers: Below are the top 4 performers from best to worst performance.

Background: grey Border: Purple
Border: green
Border: Purple
Border: red

I'm pretty surprised that the bordered ads are performing well. The general consensus in ad optimizing is that borders are bad. I have also included my normal ad I've been using for years which is: Dark Blue title, black text, gray URL, no border (white) and no background color (white)

If I placed my normal ad in the list above it would place in 3rd. A weird thing about it is that it has the highest earnings of all the ads by at least 3 times as much. This seems to suggest that the longer an ad unit runs with the same colors the better it performs revenue wise? Maybe the longer track record of data has something to do with it? I'll have to analyze this more later.

Until then I'm cutting the displaying ads down to the top 4 and my default.

I'll report back on the results.

See the results of day 3

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Posted by: pearl pendant | April 12, 2011 05:39 AM

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