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The Ad Color Experiment - Day 3 Results

Day three of the ad color experiment has ended and it seems to be proving the general AdSense thoughts.

In general it is believed that making the link color in the ad the same color as the links in your site, removing the borders and setting the background to the same as your site performs better.

After the end of the third day my default ad, which embodies those beliefs above, is the top performer.

I will now be reducing the random ad colors to just the top two performers:

My default ad
Border: green

I'll let them run through Monday.

I'm thinking that I've had the best choice in place all this time, but the green bordered one may outperform because it looks a little out of place and draws the eye.

In the end though is it worth a tiny increase in Click Thru Rate at the expense of your overall design and its smoothness?

If the increase is enough then I'd say it's worth it, but that increase would have to represent a real revenue increase and not just a statistical advantage of a minor amount.

I'll report back on the results.

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