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Google AdWords Includes Landing Page In Quality Score

Google AdWords has announced that it is including the quality of the page your ad links to in its quality score. Apparently they will go spider the page your ad links to and use it in determining whether your ad shows up on it's search listings depending on what the user is searching for.

If someone is searching for "puppies" and you have bid on the "puppies" keyword, in addition to Google analyzing your ad's quality, it will also go and check the page your ad links to for its value regarding "puppies". If your page isn't optimized and doesn't seem to be in the best interest of those searching for "puppies" then your ad's position in the search will be devalued some.

This could be a two edged sword. If you're not good at optimizing your landing page that the ad points to you'll be penalized. Even if you're a legitimate source, if your design is not properly set up, your ad won't place high. This seems to swing the advertising for Google AdWords towards the more experienced in the industry and away from the mom and pop who may simply want to advertise their product.

In the end I think it's a good move though as it will keep people from advertising their "get rich quick" scheme under a ton of obscure search words in hopes of snagging a few unrelated sales. It will allow legitimate sources to have a better chance at getting placed higher in the search results even with a lower bid.

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That's the reason I often ask my clients to change minor copy on their landing page to match the keywords and ad text. I'll just send them to your blog instead of educating them haha! great stuff as usual.

Posted by: Farah | September 28, 2013 08:21 PM

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