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YPN Still Returning Horrible Results

Ya know, I switched some of my sites over to YPN a few days ago to give them another try after months and months figuring that Yahoo would have had time to correct a lot of the drawbacks they have compared to AdSense.

I've found that they have virtually remained unchanged. Slow reporting that you have to wait until the next day for, low Click Thru Rates that are probably due to the bad context of the majority of their ads, it all remains as it was.

I have now removed them from most of the websites I had added them to about a week ago. It's just horrid results.
Getting paid pennies for the same traffic numbers you make dollars with on AdSense just isn't appealing.

I was trying to give them a shot because I wanted to diversify some of my AdSense revenue, but it's just not worth it to lose that much.

I'm pretty disappointed in them at this point. I think it's been nearly a year since I used them last and it looks like they've done nothing at all in that time. The few things they have done are nice, like adding Electronic Funds Transfer, but I consider them the basic necessity of any type of program like that. In this day and age a physical check should be a last alternative, not the only one.

The fact that you have to wait a whole day just to see reports after they've had a whole year to work on this shows a lack of innovation and motivation within their development department. It's almost as if they aren't taking this program seriously and are neglecting it.

I'll still leave them on a few sites that won't cost me a fortune to see if things change, but at this point I'm pretty sceptical that it will ever climb to a reasonable level of revenue.

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YPN performs well for me on some sites, but not others. I think it really depends on the niche that the website focuses on.

Posted by: Toivo Lainevool | October 2, 2006 12:26 PM

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