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Yahoo! Search Marketing Lowers Initial Investment To $5 And Eliminates Monthly Minimum Spend

Yahoo! Search Marketing has eliminated their monthly spend amount and lowered their barrier to entry to $5. This is a great move by Yahoo! who previously had an asinine minimum monthly spend of $20. This was a huge barrier for most wanting to check out the service.

From their newsletter:

On November 4 we lowered our minimum deposit for new advertisers to just $5, all of which continues to be applied to click charges. We expect this change to increase prospective advertisers’ interest in a trial of Yahoo! Search Marketing, which could lead to a potentially higher conversion rate and more commissions for our affiliates.

Additionally, beginning November, the monthly minimum spending requirement for Yahoo! Sponsored Search accounts has been eliminated. Previously, all Sponsored Search advertisers were required to spend at least $20 a month in click-through charges. Now, advertisers can choose to spend as much or as little as they like, with no minimum to meet. We anticipate that this change will make advertising with us even easier, thus making it easier for you to generate new business referrals.

Tipped by: Shoemoney who has more on additional changes to the service, including a $500 incentive program and keyword suggestion tools.

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