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Microsoft ContentAds To Launch In 2006?

It seems that some digging through a conference announcement to be held next month called Mix06, JenSense has found that Microsoft intends to name their contextual ads program ContentAds. What a boring name. I wonder if it is just their...

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A Review Of Microsoft AdCenter

I haven't personally been in the Microsoft AdCenter Beta, but over at the Internet Marketing Blog they've been accepted in and have some notes on it. Here's an excerpt: First and most importantly, MSN adCenter implements the fixed bid-for-position technique...

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Microsoft adCenter Soliciting Publishers For Beta Testing?

Rumors are going around that Microsoft has been soliciting publishers to beta test adCenter, Microsoft's new contextual advertising venture. They seem to be coming from Search Engine Roundtable. Could it be that we will soon see "ads by Microsoft" soon...

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Microsoft And Time Warner Joining Forces Against Google

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Time Warner and Microsoft are in negotiations to combine their advertising related assets in order to take on Google. It is said to be a no money deal and strictly to leverage both...

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