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A Review Of Microsoft AdCenter

I haven't personally been in the Microsoft AdCenter Beta, but over at the Internet Marketing Blog they've been accepted in and have some notes on it. Here's an excerpt:

First and most importantly, MSN adCenter implements the fixed bid-for-position technique of Yahoo! Sponsored Search (and almost everyone else) instead of the vastly better AdWords method of rewarding better performing ads with more bid power. This means that ad placement will be subject to the same bid inflation, pinning, gap-surfing, and other time-consuming and wasteful techniques seen on YSS. This rewards MSN at the expense of advertisers.

MSN adCenter doesn’t at first look like either AdWords or Yahoo! Sponsored Search. Instead of a typical dashboard, the design is more along the lines of a typical Windows "wizard", comprised of a series of steps. This is fine for starting out and building Orders (basically equivalent to campaigns), but it is inconsistent with maintenance tasks.

There's also a list of features they like and dislike including being able to specify days and times your ads run and geo-targetting.

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i've found adcenter hard to use, firstly it doesnt really function on Firefox, so i access it with IE7. Secondly it is slow and cumbersome, you have to go in and out of so many screens to get somewhere, in the end you waited so long you've forgotten what it was you were trying to do! Lastly, if any player in the cpc market wants to knock Google off the top spot then they have to have a slicker, easier, cheaper system - this isn't it. A real dissapointment because i dont want to use google for everything and i was hoping to use adcenter instead.

Posted by: j Gray | September 18, 2007 10:28 AM

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