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Amazon Goes From Quarterly To Monthly Payment

Amazon has announced that starting in 2007 it will be changing its payout from a quarterly payout schedule to a monthly payout schedule. This is a huge change for Amazon after sticking to the quarterly payout schedule for so long as the world changed around them.

The payouts will be made on a 60 day term. In other words after a month ends you will receive payment 60 days later. I'm not sure why they can't go to a 30 day payout that it seems everyone else is on. I mean if you're going to revamp your terms wouldn't you go to what is standard?

One other change of note is that their physical check sending fee has increased from $8 to $15. I'm guessing this is to simply get affiliates to go with EFT (Electronics Fund Transfer) rather than requiring the issuing of so many paper checks every month.

The only question I have is "What took them so long?"

I haven't had a lot of success with Amazon myself, though I have received a few payouts from them over the years.

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Fee is looking very high. i mean just double increment in the charges.

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