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Traffic Does Not Equal Revenue

High traffic does not necessarily equal high revenue. The topic of your website, the content and the placement of ads all play into whether you will make any money at all.

Just to emphasize this point let's take a look at a recent post at Problogging

Blog A: For the month this blog had a total of around 20,000 page views ... The Total earnings of this blog (all from contextual advertising) was $790.91 (USD).

Blog B: ... 40,000 page views over the month ... earnings from contextual advertising ... was $99.08 (USD). it also earned around $35 from an affiliate program.

Blog C: ... 160,000 page views over the month ... It earned $515.12 from contextual ads and somewhere in the vicinity of $2,500 from affiliate programs.

Lots of variation there. Now you'll note these are blogs, but for a website the same is true. The topics vary as do the number of page views per visitor.

Other thing affecting your revenue including where your traffic comes from. I mentioned the other day that MSN search traffic seems to produce higher revenue. If you're buying traffic from somewhere it will be generic and not highly targeted and probably won't pay anything. Search traffic seems to do fairly well since someone arrived at your site through an interest in what your page was about.

Go read the rest of the article above, it has a lot of other factors that you should keep in mind when thinking of ho much revenue you can expect from your website.

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