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Revenue Remains Stable, Disappointed With CrispAds

I haven't updated or kept up to date with the advertising on Diggers Realm recently and left it to fly on auto-pilot while life interrupted. I had a disaster in my bathroom and my water heater bit the dust, so for the past 2-3 weeks I've been pretty busy offline.

Revenue has remained stable from Google AdSense, but in my last change to the advertising I supplanted my left navbar alternative ads for AdSense from affiliate sales type ads that I wrote to CrispAds (see my entry on that change).

I have been pretty disappointed with the results from CrispAds. I haven't had a chance to play with the keywords or what is being displayed other than my initial setup with them, but the Click Thru Rate is atrocious and the revenue disappointing. They pay a flat 20 cents a click, but with a horrible CTR that means virtually no revenue.

I hate having to try and figure out what keywords they have available that my end users may be interested in. It's a real time waster in my opinion. They give you no hints as to what keywords they have inventory for either. You just have to sit there guessing keywords and hope that there are ads for those keywords.

They need some general keywords or a suggestion tool based off of a keyword you typed in that they have inventory for. Say I typed in "vacation Florida", instead of saying "0 ads available" they should also list some suggestions like "Beach Vacation" or "Kissimmee" or something related that they do have inventory for.

Now being a coder myself I know this is a daunting task to accomplish, but there really has to be a better way then guessing for 3 hours and then putting it up in hopes that they fit with your users.

The other thing I hate about CrispAds is that their ads show up with a border around them. You can control the colors etc, but you can't remove the border and make it blend better within your site. It looks really awkward on the site when a CrispAd shows up and there's only 1 ad displayed as well.

I may play around a little more and after a week or so ditch them if there are no results.

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