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The Ad Color Experiment - Day 1 Results

So after the first 24 hours of my experiment on ad colors I have some preliminary results. Here are the results so far from best to worst:

Background: grey Border: Purple
Border: red
Title Link: bright blue
Background: Light Purple
Border: green
Title Link: black
Border: bright blue
Title Link: purple
Border: purple
Background: grey
Title Link: red
Background: Light Purple border: Purple
Border: black
Border: orange
Title Link: orange
Title Link: green

I didn't include my default ad color which is Dark Blue title, black text, gray URL, no border (white) and no background color (white). I already know the performance of that ad because I've been running it for a long time.

It looks like orange is bad across the board for my website. Of course orange doesn't go with my general purple color scheme, so that's no surprise.

There's so many other factors, such as relevance of ads, colors aren't the only things to consider. But I've had several hundred hits on each so I am now going to cut the bottom half out and just run the top performers. So the bottom 9 go and I'll run the top 8 along with my standard ad color.

Overall revenue for that position was down to 1/3 of normal. No surprise there.

Hopefully one of these will perform well and look good on the website. It would suck to find out that the ugliest ad is best performing and makes the website look like crap.

I'll report back tomorrow on the results.

See the results of day 2

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