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Funnel Marketing And AdWords

Funnel Marketing what the heck is that? I came across this great article over at Seth Godin's Blog that takes a different look at your potential customer than the traditional form. A lot of AdWords advertisers try the shotgun approach....

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Christmas Theme Spotted On My AdSense

I just spotted a Christmas themed Google AdSense ad running on the 160x600 tower on my left navbar. I took a screenshot of both the ad and it being displayed on Diggers Realm. You can see them below. It seems...

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Google AdWords Includes Landing Page In Quality Score

Google AdWords has announced that it is including the quality of the page your ad links to in its quality score. Apparently they will go spider the page your ad links to and use it in determining whether your ad...

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Google AdWords Introduces Separate Content Bidding

Google has implemented the ability to bid differently on content and search keywords. While I saw this coming from a mile away, they sure implemented it without really notifying advertisers too well. Those with campaigns running with disabled keywords because...

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Google Adwords - Analyzing Your Expenses Vs. Sales

If you are using Google AdWords to market your product or service you should treat it just like any other form of advertising. The good thing is that Google provides you with enough information to derive your cost per sale,...

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Google To Expand Into Voice Ads?

Google's main revenue is in advertising. It made over a billion in revenue just in the last quarter, almost all of it in ads. Now there is rumor going around that Google wallet, it's online pay service, may debut early....

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