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Google To Expand Into Voice Ads?

Google's main revenue is in advertising. It made over a billion in revenue just in the last quarter, almost all of it in ads. Now there is rumor going around that Google wallet, it's online pay service, may debut early. Another interesting rumor is that Google may integrate it's voice capability with ads and create a pay-per-call form of advertising.

Red Herring

Dan Schatt, an analyst with Celent, a research and consulting firm, predicts the search giant will release the [wallet] service by the end of the first quarter, if not for the holidays. Google spokesperson Sonya Boralv said there was no announcement.


There’s also potential for Google to blend the service with other enhancements it’s already made to its offerings. Mr. Schatt said Google could add its voice capabilities to the mix, allowing it to integrate pay-per-call ads, which are online ads that direct users who click on them to a call with a live person. eBay is planning a similar scheme with its recent acquisition of VoIP provider Skype.

There is also potential with the wallet system to have sellers opt in to allow Google to handle their payment processing, this would allow one click purchasing of items.

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