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Diversify Your Online Advertising Or Suffer - Getting Banned By Google

I have had very good success with Google AdSense throughout the years. During that time I have relied on them as my main source of revenue from my websites, but recently I have been reading horror stories of people being banned from Google AdSense through no fault of their own. Either they are being targeted by fraudulent clickers or something beyond their control gets them banned from Google.

Sure, some of these individuals deserve it. They either clicked their own ads, encouraged others to or had inappropriate content. But I'm not buying the fact that every single person is guilty since a few who have been banned are very small-time operators who were just up for receiving their first check after 6 months of accumulating to the $100 minimum payout. Then Google sends them an email they are banned and their entire revenue are forfeit.

Google seems rather harsh in their notification and requests for clarification, refusing to disclose why exactly they were banned.

So, keeping this in mind I have begun looking to diversify my ad revenue programs. I gave Yahoo! Publishers Network a shot several months ago and the results weren't as good as Google. I also gave CrispAds a look as an alternate ad for Google when they didn't have one to show.

I cut the Yahoo! experiment short after running it for awhile on my main website and really didn't give it another chance. Their ads weren't very relevant contextually. Months later I am going to try them again on some of my less trafficked sites hoping that they've matured a bit.

I'll report back on the results.

For more see my entries on adding Yahoo, initial comments on the performance and the final removal of Yahoo from my sites.

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I hope that does not happen to me as I run 3 small websites and will probably be up for payout in 6 months. Maybe sooner if you website grows a lot.

Posted by: Online Business Reviews | November 2, 2008 04:09 PM

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