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Yahoo! Publishers Network Results Less Than Enthusiastic

I switched to Yahoo! Publishers Network on my main site about 5 days ago and the results so far are less than stellar. I can't go into the specific details of actual numbers due to terms and conditions with the ad programs, but I can give a generalized overview.

The click-through rate is nearly 1/10th of Google AdSense. The actually pay per click generally seems to be higher, but the overall daily income is about 50-70% of my average Google daily revenue over the past year. I have also noticed that even though I have been running the ads on there for 5 days Yahoo! is still showing generic ads throughout the website.

Yahoo! says that it could take a couple days for contextually sensitive ads to start appearing, but I haven't seen any yet anywhere on the site. Just a bunch for Lending Tree and other generic partners who seem to have bought into a general run of site default ad system. While it's great that they have a general run of site program, unlike Google that will display non paid, non-profit ads if none are available for your site, they are not really relevant to the content at all and are probably the main reason the click-through rate is so low.

Even on an easily targeted page, such as "Cross Country 2005: Day 8 - Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom" where I detail my trip to Walt Disney World on my cross country trip, they are showing mortgage ads.

I figure I'll give them a few more days and then I'll probably switch the ads back to Google, which is reliable and has a proven track record.

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