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Yahoo Publisher Network Having Some Issues, Acknowledges Problems

Yahoo Publisher Network has been having some issues recently including downtime on the 9th and 10th of February and recent slowdowns. Yahoo has admitted the problems on forums and says it is due to a code change:

Hi everyone,

I received more information this morning, so I hope I can provide a bit more clarity now. Last Friday we launched some new code into production. Several complications occurred during the launch, and as a result overall system performance was impaired. We've stabilized the situation now and expect to continue to make improvements over the next few days.

On behalf of the entire YPN beta team, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please continue to let me know how your sites are performing -- your feedback is really valuable to us as we continue to refine our beta program and work through our growing pains.


It's good that they're acknowledging issues, but I think they need some better QA and testing before launching something that deals with people's income. You can't have glitches in your code when things like that are involved.

Hopefully with this lesson they'll avoid this in the future and it'll make them a solid choice.

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Digital Point, where the acknowledgement occurred.

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