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CrispAds Removed - Results Disappointing

Look, I'm no novice to online advertising and after the past few posts on the poor results I've received from CrispAds I've finally dumped them from Diggers Realm.

I'm not sure if they'll work for some other site, but here are the results since I started running CrispAds in late February.

MonthAd ImpressionsTotal Income

Very bad results to say the least. Note that I was running CrispAds as an alternate ad for Google AdSense, so the ad impressions don't show my true traffic for those periods, but only the traffic that Google didn't have an ad for on my left navbar. I don't normally discuss my total profits, but let's just say that Google Ads in the same spot for the same period made more than 20 times as CrispAds.

I can easily make more through posting affiliate ads for products. A single product sale easily clears what I have made from CrispAds. Affiliate marketing, for those who don't know, are for products you collect a commission on for a sale. You can find products to advertise at places like

I don't make a lot off of affiliate sales every month, but each sales usually yields more than $11, so even one sale tops March's earnings from CrispAds.

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