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Your Traffic Source Determines Your Revenue With PPC

Which source of traffic generates the most income when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising? Is it MSN, Yahoo!, Google search traffic or some other source?

I did an entry on this last year and the finding was that visitors from MSN clicked out the most and had the highest CTR. Unfortunately the MSN traffic is nowhere near as high as Google search traffic.

Now AdMoolah has taken this one step further and included visitors from advertising campaigns at Yahoo! and Google AdWords into the equation and has some very interesting stats.

On one of my sites I have been running Google Analytics and have some custom JavaScript installed to allow me to track which visitors click on the ads on my site. On this site I run a combination of AdSense and YPN ads. I have also been running some AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns. Here is a chart showing the percentage of visitors who click on ads broken out by the major sources of traffic.

Head over there to see the results.

I found it interesting that the advertising campaigns had almost double the CTR of traffic that came in through Google or Yahoo searches.

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