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Increasing Your Revenue Through Geo Targeted Ads

Geo Targeting is determining where in the world a visitor is coming from via their IP address. For those who don't know everyone connected to the internet has an IP address. It is sort of like a phone number or home address telling other computers where to send the information when you request it. Since the your server can see everyones IP address you can tell where in the world they are.

This does play a role in advertising since some Pay Per Click services like Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) will not pay you for click outside of the United States currently. So wouldn't it be great if you could determine if the end user was outside the United States and server them a different ad? If they were in the UK for instance you could server them a UK based ad that they could actually use!

Well I haven't put this in place as almost all of my websites are static HTML and not PHP or other forms of pages generated "on the fly".

Shoemoney has a post where he says he has seen a 25% increase in revenue since implementing Geo targeted ads. He recommends something called PHPAdsNew which is a GPL licensed software you can use for free.

I may look into it as it seems you may be able to use it even on static pages. A 25% revenue increase is always nice!

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