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Who Clicks On Online Ads?

What type of End User clicks on ads? If this could be determined you could focus on gaining your traffic from these sources to increase your revenue.

Imagine for a second that your average revenue from 1000 visitors is $5. If you could target where the visitors are coming from and which source traffic has the highest possibility to be interested in clicking ads then you could increase that revenue number.

Jeremy Zawodny has been looking into just that and analyzing his traffic.

He has discovered the following:

MSN users are clearly the most valuable on an indivudal basis, but as a whole they don't respresent much of my income. If more of my traffic came from MSN, that's surely change. They're followed by AOL, Yahoo,, and then Google.

He has a really interesting post with graphs for incoming source traffic and outgoing clicks. Check it out.

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