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Changing Colors Was A Disaster

As I mentioned a few days ago I switched the colors on my AdSense ads on Diggers Realm. I had the basic blue that I use throughout the site for links, purple, red and green. All for just the links, I left the background and borders as white and the ad text as black.

Yesterday I had the worst day in months as far as click-through and revenue. So I'm quickly switching it back to just the blue that matches the colors of the links within the site. I also got rid of a small 125x125 button ad on the top of the right navbar, as it didn't seem to be performing. I use to have adlinks in that position and they didn't perform too well either.

Maybe yesterday was just a fluke as far as click-through's, but when you're revenue drops by 66% it's best to just go back to what works.

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