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Yahoo! Publisher Network vs. Google AdSense - The Test Has Begun

Diggers Realm has been accepted into the beta test of the Yahoo! Publishers Network. Diggers Realm has always been a Google AdSense website, but I have decided to give Yahoo! a test run throughout the site. We'll see how it performs compared to Google.

So far it's not serving ads even remotely close to the content, but Yahoo! said it could take up to two days for the ads to start being relevant.

I'll report a little more after I've run the ads for while -- including the difference in results between the two.

If you'd like to apply for the beta you can do so at the Yahoo! Publisher Network website.

Anyone else made the switch? What were your findings?

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I too have just applied for the Yahoo beta program. I am just beginning to show ads on my website, and just last week started off with Google. The Google results have been good, in fact better than I expected. However, upon reading your account of Google "banning" sites just when a first check becomes due, I decided to mix it up a bit.

But regarding the google ads, is it possible to request additional categories of ads? I get a lot of work at home ads, which are actually related to the website, but would like to see more technology and hardware results.

I am also curious about other advertising programs and would like to learn more.

Posted by: transcriptionmatch | March 31, 2008 05:36 PM

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