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Funnel Marketing And AdWords

Funnel Marketing what the heck is that? I came across this great article over at Seth Godin's Blog that takes a different look at your potential customer than the traditional form. A lot of AdWords advertisers try the shotgun approach. They're always looking for the 5 cent click and keywords that are on the edge of what their product or service even provides.

Seth makes the case for paying the cost for getting high value customers to your website instead. Using a funnel approach, where the end user qualifies themselves further and further as their search is refined, makes them more valuable to you and worth paying for.

Once you get them to your website though is where the real magic begins.

At this point, your job is not to make a sale. Selling is just one option in a range of things you can do to further drive him down the funnel. You can engage in a dialogue (by phone or email) that takes place over time and avoids the all-or-nothing cliff of "buy now or go away forever". You can further inform or entertain, all in the service of your goal of increasing the interest, education and value of this prospect.

Now, finally, you have refined the traffic in the funnel. Everyone at the bottom is ready to buy, to engage with you, to become a customer.

Thinking of the whole system as a funnel really helps to understand such a complex topic. Keep it in mind with all of your campaigns and the way you are handling your end users.

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It seems that it is harder and harder to get those .05 keywords these days. I'll have to visit Seth's blog to get more information on this. I admit that I have used keywords that just barely related to my site and I paid for it with a lot of disisterested viewers who left soon after they got there. Thanks for the lead and info.


Posted by: Dennis | January 19, 2006 11:56 PM

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