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How To Sell More BlogAds - Using Mini-Networks

So you've got BlogAds on your site. Great! Now how can you get advertisers? Well there's several ways to get someone to advertise on your site with BlogAds.

Sell Yourself

The first option is to get out there and sell yourself. Contact potential advertisers directly and let them know that they can have a juicy advertisement on your site that is in their niche. You can sell it to them as either a sponsorship -- which is sort of what it is -- or as a direct advertisement.

Wait For An Advertiser

You can sit around and wait hoping that someone either clicks on the link on your site to order an ad, stumbles across your ad in the BlogAds order list or hope that BlogAds is out there hoofing it and bringing advertisers to you.


One of my favorites is BlogAd MiniNetworks. These are niche categories within BlogAds that are run by a moderator or administrator who is also a website owner running BlogAds. How do you join a Mininetwork? You have to directly contact the administrator for that Mini-Network and request addition. The administrator will take a look at your site and verify that it fits within the niche and is desirable before they add you.

I have had great success with Mini-networks. Within a few days of initially joining one I had an ad buy on my website. Since then I have had repeat business from the advertiser after they have seen results.

Mini-Networks are a great tool that you can use to get exposure and introduce potential advertisers to your website.

What kind of Mini-Networks are there?

Well all you have to do is take a look at the list of BlogAd Mini-Networks. There are niche Mini-Networks for certain areas, like New York City, Atlanta and South Carolina. There are niche Mini-Networks for certain interests such as Sports, Stock Market and TV. There are also issues and lifestyle niches like Parenting, Gay/Lesbian and Jewish Mini-Networks. There are tons of political networks.

Which niche and Mini-Network do I fit into?

Well the great thing is that you can fit into more than one! If you are a stock broker in New York, you could join both the Stock Exchange Mini-Network and the Gothamist Mini-Network! As long as the content of your website fits the niche and the administrator feels it adds value you can be in more than one.

What if my niche isn't represented as a Mini-Network?

The nice thing about Mini-Networks are that they are run by BlogAd users. If you don't see a Mini-Network that fits your niche you can start your own! They do require that you have been with BlogAds for awhile or maybe if you have enough like minded people ahead of time to fill the Mini-Network they'll let you create one. From the current BlogAds FAQ

Write and explain why you'd like to create a mininetwork. We prefer to deal with long-time bloggers, people who are focused in a particular niche, people who have a track record of supporting Blogads.

One note of caution

When using Mini-Networks do not add a Single Premium spot to a Mini-Network. If you do and you receive more than one ad you will have to reject the others. Only put standard ad spots into a Mini-Network that you are willing to run multiple ads in.

Mini-Network can be another key to reaching advertisers and increasing the revenue of your site. If you aren't using them then you are losing out on another form of promotion.

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