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I have 5 BlogAds Invites Who Wants One? (Update: Only 2 Left)

Yesterday I emailed BlogAds and asked them how I could become a sponsor for some good publishers to join the BlogAds network. Currently BlogAds is invite only and I have had good success with them as you can read in the BlogAds Archives.

Well, they've gotten back to me and notified me that I can invite 5 people to join the network, but only if they are good, solid blogs. Here is what they say in their FAQ regarding what constitutes a "good candidate" for BlogAds.

What is the minimum daily user number a blog should have before they can consider blogads?

Blogs without a laser-sharp focus on one topic or community AND an audience of 1000 readers a day usually do not attract advertisers. But some blogs with a sharp focus AND an audience of thousands a day do NOT get advertisers. One test: have more than a handful of companies expressed an interest in advertising on your blog?

Now I'm not just going to sponsor anyone, I have my reputation at stake here and if I send them a bunch of sites that are poor I will probably not receive anymore invites, so if you feel your blog is up to the challenge and you want to give BlogAds a try contact me and give me some information on where your blog is, it's focus, it's usual daily traffic stats and how long it's been around.


There are now only 4 invites left.


There are now only 2 invites left.

* In the interest of full disclosure if I do sponsor you I will receive revenue for it, though you will not be penalized.

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