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I Have 4 BlogAds Invites Available

Last week I mentioned that I had 5 BlogAds sponsorship invites available. 4 of them were quickly snapped up. However since then 3 of those who requested them have backed out due to various reasons (redesigns in progress, recent changes in networks they're joining etc).

I still have 4 left if you are interested. Please read below on the requirements. You can only join BlogAds via an invite at this time.

Here is what they say in their FAQ regarding what constitutes a "good candidate" for BlogAds.

What is the minimum daily user number a blog should have before they can consider blogads?

Blogs without a laser-sharp focus on one topic or community AND an audience of 1000 readers a day usually do not attract advertisers. But some blogs with a sharp focus AND an audience of thousands a day do NOT get advertisers. One test: have more than a handful of companies expressed an interest in advertising on your blog?

Now I'm not just going to sponsor anyone, I have my reputation at stake here and if I send them a bunch of sites that are poor I will probably not receive anymore invites, so if you feel your blog is up to the challenge and you want to give BlogAds a try contact me and give me some information on where your blog is, it's focus, it's usual daily traffic stats and how long it's been around.

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