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BlogAds For January On Diggers Realm - A Report On How Things Are Going

I reported back in my entry on the BlogAds Pricing Calculator that I had priced my ads too low. So how are things going since I raised my rates? Did it affect sales? Did I lose all of my advertisers?

Well, I'm happy to report that it hasn't really affected sales. While I had more in December than I do in January, a lot of that has to do with the holiday season at the end of last year. December was my largest month ever and all my spots were loaded. I have actually had two repeat advertisers in January because their results on Diggers Realm were so positive the first time around. Even at the higher rates that I've set they are currently getting a good deal when I look at their stats and estimate what their Cost Per Click is. I've also received a new client. The Wall Street Journal! That's pretty exciting!

The great thing about BlogAds for an advertiser is that they get both text and images, get a large piece of real estate on the website and their ad appears on a highly targeted website that their product fits with. It's basically an automated sponsorship system in a way.

The benefit to the publisher is that you don't have to deal with billing, tracking, hosting and customer acquisition. A lot of BlogAd sales that publishers get are via BlogAds themselves when they put package deals together. There are mini-networks on BlogAds that allow advertisers select by a category or niche of sites, such as Entertainment, Conservative politics and the like.

I'm still running that 3 month ad buy that was purchased at my lower rate. That client got a whopper of a deal at my lower rate and will probably end up paying mere pennies per click in the end. I'm guessing they will be a repeat customer as well. Even at the higher rate -- with their click-thru rate -- they'd get a heckuva deal.

All in all I'm very satisfied with BlogAds in January so far.

BlogAds is currently invitation only. I could find no way to become a sponsor for other blogs and have emailed them inquiring how to be a sponsor. I'll report on the results of my email.

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