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BlogAds Case Study: Life, Liberty, Etc.

I thought I would put the shoe on the other foot and tell you the tale of an advertiser on Diggers Realm. I spend a lot of time here looking at things from the publishers perspective, but do the advertisers benefit as well?

Well, I received an email from one of my advertisers who discussed the results of a campaign that was run for two weeks in December.

Pete Nelson runs Life, Liberty, Etc., an online shop that sells T-shirts and other "pro-gun stuff for pro-gun folks". Here's what Pete had to say about a BlogAd he ran on Diggers Realm.


We ran a blogad from 12/3 to 12/17 for $50. For those two weeks, we had six sales totalling $207 that we can track directly back to a clickthrough from the blogad.

Getting new customers for a business can be expensive, so breaking even on an advertisement is always good. In this case, we not only covered our cost, but also made a profit on it.

life-liberty-etc.jpgNice return! The great thing about BlogAds is that you get an image and some text for the ad and can put it on targeted sites. So if you have a compelling product that appeals to the readers of a website you'll probably do quite well.

While this was via BlogAds, you can do the same thing with sponsorships. The main difference is for sponsorships you're going to have to find the advertisers yourself.

Pete is now a repeat (no Pete-repeat jokes please!) advertiser on my site. When an advertiser sees a real return from their campaign they'll keep coming back. It's a win-win for all.

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