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Google AdSense Adds 90 Day Clause To Referral Program Without Notifying Publishers

Google seems to be becoming more evil everyday. Their corporate motto is supposed to be "do no evil", but in the last few days they have modified their search engine for China and now they have been caught slipping a new disclaimer into their referral program without notifying publishers. This change was noticed by users at Digital Point. The new clause is that anyone you refer to Google AdSense has to earn their $100 dollars within 90 days after they signup or you don't receive a dime.

90 days is way too short for a new advertiser to earn that amount unless they're already established, which with all probability those that are already established have an AdSense account. The fact that they slipped this in without notifying publishers, that may be running the program, is just plain evil corporate practice. There's no doubt about that.

Jensense has the proof of the changes with screenshots from before and after.

Shame on you Google.

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