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Blogger Steve Pavlina Shows His AdSense Revenue And Traffic Numbers From 2005

Steve Pavlina did a presentation on blogging and website revenue and put together some slides showing his growth in traffic and AdSense revenue for all of 2005. It is quite an impressive success story and Steve projects he will hit nearly $4,700 for January 2006 from his AdSense alone. This doesn't include his other advertising forms.

Here's an excerpt:

In February 2005 this site received about 86,000 visitors, and this month I’m projecting about 715,000.


In Feb 2005 I made $53 from Adsense — it was the first month I started using Adsense. This month I’m projecting about $4700 from Adsense.


It's interesting that the traffic growth has been 21% per month while the revenue growth has been 50%. Adsense revenue is obviously a function of traffic, so why the difference? Mostly I credit the difference to optimization work I’ve been doing each month, so the ads get a much higher CTR and CPM than when I first started (CPM has more than doubled).

As he mentions above a large part of increasing your revenue has to do with your experience. As you learn more and run tests you see what works and what doesn't. Imagine if just after one experiment you double your click-thru rate? Well logically, if everything else stays the same, you've just doubled your revenue!

Focusing too much on traffic and not on monetizing that traffic will not allow you to grow as quickly as you could.

Most people I talk with always ask about numbers. How much do you make? Well, here's your chance to get full disclosure from someone successful.

Go have a look at the pretty graphs and his commentary.

Tipped by: ProBlogger, where Darren notes that this is obviously not a typical result and that you shouldn't expect to duplicate it.

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If you are interested here's an post about my last year of Adsense My Year 2005.

Posted by: Nicolas Fogelholm | January 21, 2006 12:06 AM

I think Google is great for little guys like me who have posted a LOT of content online but have seen very little revenue as a result. My topic is auto repair information, not as interesting as self-improvement but nonetheless necessary for anybody who owns a car or truck.

I began posting Google ads on my website this spring after reading numerous stories about all the money some people are making off Google. My experience hasn't been anything to gloat about, and I'm not about to quit my day job. But it is generating some much-needed income and the revenues are slowly building (about 10% a month). I hope to see more as time goes on. It all seems to hinge on how many visitors a websites gets, and how many visitors click on ads. I've noticed my click through rate has slowly improved each month, going from 2 to 3 percent, up to about 6 percent. Apparently the Google ads become more relavant as time goes on.

Posted by: Larry | October 15, 2006 03:56 PM
I've noticed my click through rate has slowly improved each month, going from 2 to 3 percent, up to about 6 percent. Apparently the Google ads become more relavant as time goes on.
I agree Larry. I have found the same thing, that the relevancy goes up with time.
Posted by: Digger | October 16, 2006 06:20 PM

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