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Google AdWords Introduces Separate Content Bidding

Google has implemented the ability to bid differently on content and search keywords. While I saw this coming from a mile away, they sure implemented it without really notifying advertisers too well. Those with campaigns running with disabled keywords because of too low of a bid may be surprised that all of the sudden their content displays go through the roof at the current level they have set as some advertisers lower their bid on content only.

From the official Google AdWords blog

Yesterday, we released content bids. This feature will allow you to place one bid (or maximum CPC) for ads that run on search sites and an entirely separate bid for ads running on content sites within the Google Network. In addition, we'll now evaluate your keywords for content targeting separately, ensuring that we're able to target your ads as accurately as possible on the content network. You'll notice that your 'inactive' keywords now read 'inactive for search' and that the minimum bid for content targeting is a static $0.01.

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