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Microsoft ContentAds To Launch In 2006?

It seems that some digging through a conference announcement to be held next month called Mix06, JenSense has found that Microsoft intends to name their contextual ads program ContentAds. What a boring name. I wonder if it is just their working name or if that is what they'll call it in the end. While boring it is sure descriptive.

In addition Jen has found in their conference release that they plan a launch in 2006. That's relatively quick. I believe with Microsoft's muscle, brains and sales ability that they will come to the table with significantly more advertisers than Yahoo did when launching YPN. In addition to that Microsoft is notorious for tying their programs together, So maybe they'll include the ability to quickly advertise a small business through ContentAds in the Office Small Business Edition?

Ideas like that are what make me excited about the potential of Microsoft's offering.

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