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Google AdSense Referral Program Launched

Google has launched a referral program for Google AdSense and also for FireFox with Google Toolbar. For every person you refer to the AdSense program that earns their first $100 you will be credited $100.

For the FireFox program (only available to US publishers), you earn up to $1 for every person that downloads the FireFox with Google Toolbar. They say up to because it seems according to the information on their site that it depends on where the person is from that downloads it.

They have to click through from your link in order for you to get credit.

The buttons come in numerous sizes and numerous designs.

To get the buttons you can find them under a new referral tab on your Google AdSense account as pictured in the image below on the left. Two of the buttons are shown on the left navbar of this site. Funny that they don't have text links for these.

The referral program was announced on the Google AdSense Blog

Jensense also informs me that there are forum discussions at WebMasterWorld, SearchEngineWatch and Digital-Point

Also commenting are Search Engine Roundtable and Terry's Computer Tips

I've started adding them to Diggers Realm on the top of my right navbar and have put them on the left navbar here.

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