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November A Slow Month

November has been a disappointment as far as revenue. Diggers Realm went down in revenue for the first time in two months. The holidays are surely not going to help with so many people off of the web. It seems I am not alone in this.

Terry at Affiliate Marketing Gab has noticed a decline in her affiliate sales as well as traffic.

I sure hope you guys are raking in the commissions at a better pace than I am this month. I’m still rubbing my eyes watching my stats - I’m at an all time low! I did better in July and August and September and October - heck the whole year - than I have so far for *NOVEMBER*

You figure with the upcoming holiday seasons that there would be an increase, but I'm guessing that's mainly if you have a product based website rather than an informational one.

I did have a big bump in traffic the other day due to an old piece on Diggers Realm. That substantially increased revenue for two days, but the rest of the month has been pretty flat.

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I have seen 90% of my Adsense revenue wiped out in over night near the end of November! I have contacted Google and after receiving a templated e-mail, I responded back asking for more clarity and it seems Google have made as change which will cut revenue for all Adsense publishers as it is changing the way it charges for content ads, I suggest everyone starts looking at other advertising companies such as Yahoo and MyClickBankAds if you want to make nay money!

Posted by: Paul | December 16, 2006 08:50 PM

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