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Selling Text Links On Your Site

OK, I'll admit it, I've thought of selling text links on my sites. I haven't followed through though. Usually those wanting to buy text links on your site are looking for a Page Rank (PR) push of their site so that their pages place higher in Google search results.

They want to get their link on your site -- and many others -- that have a high PR ranking which in theory will raise their own. Some of these places will offer you a set amount per month for you to place their link on your site. So what are the drawbacks to this?

Well it could put your site at risk in Google's eyes. It has already been reported by the spam engineers at Google that they frown on this practice and just want "organic links". While they haven't come out and said they will punish you for putting a paid link on your site they have said that they will punish the purchasing parties website if it is discovered.

How much can you make selling a text link on your site? Well this varies based on the PR of your site and how many links are on your page. Some places won't even accept your site if you have over 100 outbound links on your website. For most bloggers running a blogroll this will instantly count you out. You can make hundreds of dollars a month selling text links on your site though.

Problogger has more on the benefits and disadvantages to selling text links on your site and other things to consider.

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