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Chitkia eMiniMalls Finally Got Back To Me

After sending an email to Chitika about being rejected from their program I received an explanatory email from their customer support where they admit that their review system is flawed due to lack of staffing. While they didn't say this outright, they said it was because of the "volume of applications".

They also said that they appreciated my blunt review of their "rejected" process and had this to say.

We absolutely agree that it should not be "rejected" but "denied". Point taken.

I'm not sure if they really appreciated me being blunt, but maybe the feedback will help.

They did say that they will try in the future to give exact reasons as to why sites are denied as their team is expanded.

While I did appreciate their email I can't help but believe that their approval process is really flawed and unfair at this point and that large swaths of sites are denied without serious thought. There are numerous little known sites out there -- without a proven track record -- that are running Chitika on them. For an established site to be denied without a specific reason seems like they just didn't do their homework on their potential clients (which is what a website is, since without us they are nothing).

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