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Chitika eMiniMalls Application Rejection Update - Ticket Open Or Closed?

Well Chitika sent me an email regarding the entries on Chitika Rejecting my application other sites rejected by Chitika and follow ups to Chitika that I've made.

They sent me an email with a ticket they had opened on my application a few days ago with a high priority and a username and password for me to watch the status of the ticket. I finally got around to logging in and checking the ticket out and what they had listed. It basically was a copy of the email I had sent them, however the status says "closed", so I guess they've either reviewed it and shrugged it off or they haven't sent me a follow up email yet on why it was closed or why I was denied again.

While they seem to mean well and do get back to you a few days after your email (unless of course they just had me as low priority and got around to me whenever they had a chance) they seem to be rather disorganized. I'll wait a few days and then inquire as to why the ticket was closed if they don't shoot me an explanatory email.

Seems if they opened a ticket on it that they'd at least send the outcome of the ticket via email when they closed it.

See, this is exactly why I started this site. To review items like this and maybe provide further information or reviews for people on these online advertising and affiliate sites.

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