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Other Sites Rejected By Chitika

I did a little hunting around after being rejected by Chitika.

Here's someone at Digital-Point (his blog posting here)

Today, I got my rejection notice from Chitika. No reason was given. I sent them an email asking if there was a reason. They haven't replied. I thought this was really weird and worth posting about. Any ideas? I keep hearing about very small blogs with little traffic getting accepted. My blogs include Besting Adwords, which is ranked #55 by Feedster and The RSS Blog ranked #224 by BlogPulse.

Seems like a reasonable site to have Chitika on. Well it turns out the CEO of Chitika actually apologized to this webmaster later after reading about him being rejected on a blog and accepted him into the program.

Update: The CEO of Chitika apologized for the goof up and they sent me an acceptance. I'm in!

Guess they don't like the bad press from blogs (like this one maybe?)

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